Dry Ice Blasting

MAES has the experience to conduct the environmentally sound practice of dry ice blasting in a variety of general maintenance applications.  Dry ice cleaning offers many substantial benefits such as an improved maintenance response, significant labor-savings, improved worker safety, reduction in chemical usage, improved operation of equipment, and extended equipment life.  Dry ice cleaning has grown in popularity as a replacement for sand blasting and soda blasting for cleaning and surface preparation, largely due to its environmental and production benefits.

Dry ice cleaning offers significant benefits that have improved cleaning practices for hundreds of companies in a broad range of industries throughout the world.  This has resulted in considerable increase in productivity and product quality resulting in increased profitability.  The primary benefits of dry ice blasting in hazardous material minimization are;

  1. Substantial reductions in hazardous waste volume.
  2. Substantial reductions in waste disposal costs.

The key to the success of dry ice cleaning is the fact that the dry ice particles, used as blasting media, vaporize upon contact with the targeted surface leaving no residue or moisture.  Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic material that meets EPA, FDA, and USDA industry guidelines.  By replacing toxic chemical processes with dry ice cleaning, employees exposure and corporate liability stemming from the use of chemical cleaning agents can be reduced or even eliminated completely.  The sublimation of the particles is an environmental advantage since most surface prep methods exhibit a dust or fume attributable to the media used.  Since with dry ice cleaning there is not any secondary waste added to the waste stream, all that must be disposed of is the contaminant being cleaned.

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