Dust Removal

Dust buildup, especially in industrial settings can be a health and explosive hazard.  Often dust cleanup can be more difficult than expected with hard to reach areas and exposure hazards.  MAES has become an industry leader in dust cleanup utilizing high-expansion low moisture content foam.  Some of the benefits and highlights of high-expansion foam for dust cleanup are:

  • High-expansion foam increases coverage area while minimizing moisture to surfaces.
  • The foam binds up the dust particles and brings the dust to ground level for easy cleanup. It works well for walls, floors, ducts ledges, ceiling components, pipes, duct work, and equipment.
  • The use of low moisture foam reduces the risk of shorting out electrical components in work areas during any cleaning operations.
  • Foam is non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.
  • Can be utilized is food grade operations.
  • This dust removal method is a great source of cleanup in just about any dust producing atmosphere.

Interested in having MAES look at your dust cleanup or control project?  Give you us a call at 1-800-736-3590 or email us at dwhitley@midamenv.com.